Cat Sills Are Cattastic

Quote by Author James Herriott (Creatures Great And Small): " Cats are connoisseurs of comfort".

Cat Laying in Bed

Since your kitty feline has now sunk into your home he or she needs to be furnished with a Cat Bed or Cat House including Furniture that he or she can call their own where they feel safe and withdraw to in times of stress.  Because of our kitty cats climbing nature our younger felines love to sleep in higher positions, therefore a Cat Condo or a Cat Wall Shelf is the purrfect choice.

As cats favourite past time is sleeping it is very important that the correct Bed and Furniture is selected. This of course will depend on whether you are the proud owner of a kitten, young cat or a Senior Feline as their needs vary considerably as they grow older and their sleeping quarters need to change accordingly especially for our Senior Feline Friends where a heated pad in their bed in Winter time is a must and stairs or a ladder to climb into their bed is not acceptable. Thought with regard to your feline is required behind each purchase of Bed/Furniture whether it be a Cat Wall Shelf for lounging, Cat Tower for climbing or a Scratching Post for sharpening claws.

Cat Cup Beds



The majority of cats have been known to sleep up to 16 hours a day it is important to have a cat lounger bed available for when they are ready for a nap and have enjoyable kitty cat dreams. On the whole Cat Cup Beds are the most practical bed for all felines to snooze away the hours of the day and even better still if they are heated.  My moggy thinks his "Cup Bed" is just pawsome as that is where he has the most kitty cat dreams and snores the hours away. He certainly has given it his paw of catification. These beds are the most popular among our Senior Feline Friends.




 Cat Condo


Due to your cat's climbing nature a "Cat Condo" is pussy purrfect and the most practical piece of furniture that you can purchase for your feline. There are numerous varieties of "Cat Condo" available, for instance ones with condos or just with platforms and even ones with a bed or cradle on top. As cats are very smart animals my feline has taken to sleeping on the top shelf in Winter near the ceiling heating vent of course.


Cat Houses

If your feline spends a lot of time outdoors what better piece of furniture than a "Cat House" to protect your feline from the cold, rain and the harsh rays of the sun. By choosing a "Cat House" that can be easily dismantled and cleaned it can serve as an indoor "Cat House" as well. The majority of "Outdoor Cat Houses" remain outside, so to endeavour to protect them from the sun, rain, hail and snow there are protective covers available to preserve the outdoor home of your feline. These are especially practical if you and your cat are away on extended holidays.


Cat Window Sill Perches


The most stylish cat furniture available is the "Cat Window Perch" where your feline can spend hours just laying in the sun on their indoor perch or shelf.  They will just be content to watch any outside activities from behind the window.  As there are so many variations as to how these perches are affixed to your window or ledge it is important that you choose the most suitable one for your window and to ensure it will comfortably hold the weight of your Feline Friend.  Your pussy cat will now have have "A Room With A View".  These "Cat Window Sill Perches" are Cattastic as your felines will think they are in Cat Heaven.  The vast designs and colours will make it an absolute pleasure to go shopping but always remember to check the measurements to allow for the size and weight of your Feline Friend.





Scratching Posts 

As it is not possible to be with your Feline Friend 24 hours a day it goes without saying it is necessary to provide a "Scratching Post" in your home where puss can sharpen his or her claws on rather than your furniture.  The ideal choice would be to have more than one Scratching Post of a different style whether it be a "Scratching Post Tree Gym House Combo"or a Wall Mount Scratching Post" with a second one placed at the back entrance.  There is such a large selection available at various prices to suit all budgets.  When choosing a "Scratching Post" it is important that the Scratching Post is tall enough for the cat to extend the full length of its body.



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