Cat Time Is Never Wasted

Quote by Playwright and Poet Sir Walter Scott: " When one plays with a cat, who knows if you are not a pastime to them, more than they are to you".

All Cat Guardians love to be engaged whether it be tuning into music, viewing a video or playing a game so hence our Feline Friends are not to be forgotten. The best stimulation obviously is a communication toy where you and your kitty feline can play together leaving a shared sentimental contentment.  Felines simply adore being included.

The most pleasurable thing about being a "Cat Parent" is playing with your Feline or just watching them play with toys. It is certainly beneficial to cat owners to spend 15-20 minutes of quality time with your cat as it will calm your nerves and put you in a happy state of mind.  It also creates a special bond between you and your Feline Friend. Cats just love to play as they are taught from when they are kittens by their Mother how to hunt which is a natural reactive instinct on their part because as far as your Feline Friend is concerned it is just another form of playing. There are many cat toys available, but by choosing a well made, non toxic and not too small a toy, will have your cat having fun for hours and so will you. As you have noticed felines can play with a bug for hours from the inside of the window even when the bug is clearly outside.  There are so many Kitty Cat Toy Items available to keep your cat entertained some of them being the Panic Mouse For Cats, Peek A Prize For Cat Toy Box, Cat Swats, and Cat Tunnel Toys We would not want our Feline Friends to become bored?


 Under Cover Mouse Toy For Cats

The "Under Cover Mouse Toy" is a great inventive toy for cats and their owners. The swaying of the wand with the mouse attached at the end creates random mouse-like movements when played with. It has a digital timer and is battery operated which makes it the purred solution for playful cats. This toy is priceless if you have more than one feline as it will be double the fun.



Cat Tunnel Toys





These toys are an absolute must as cats just love tunnels where they can play hide and seek. It is especially purrfect if you have two or three felines as they can all interplay by chasing, hiding and tumbling together. As there are so many different styles and fabrics associated with "Cat Tunnel Toys" it would be difficult to just own one.





Cat Videos


The majority of cats love to look at cat or bird videos and even if they can only see the silhouettes and hear the noises of the videos it is far more than adequate to keep you and your pussy cat entertained as it creates their natural hunter instinct.  Even though felines may not see the colours like us humans it is the movement and the noise that attracts their attention. What better way to enjoy the company of your feline than to watch Feline DVD's along side them. The researchers at Loma Linda University in US claim that every time you laugh endorphins are released which combat stress hormones.




Cat Games


These cat games create a bit of mental stimulation for your feline where they can actually join in the game or just sit and watch. It is just fantastic to watch them in action. What great entertainment for family and friends to watch if you video tape your feline's actions during the game session and then transfer the tapes to DVD'S. The game "Goldfish Video Games for Cats" can be quite soothing especially for any pregnant felines in the home.


Music For Cats


As a feline's hearing is so perceptive what better way to keep your indoor cat entertained by playing an exclusive designed CD "Music For Cats" where they can listen to cat music especially aimed towards Feline emotional reactions and bringing about a purring sound in most cats. The music can be quite beneficial to Felines that have behavioural problems. The sound of cat meditation music transmitted throughout boarding catteries can also be very calming to cats during their temporary stay.