Less Stress=Healthy Cats

Quote by French Philosopher Michel De Montaigne: "In nine lifetimes, you'll never know as much about your cat as your cat knows about you".

Healthy Cat Brushing

Things to consider now that your Cat Companion has proceeded toward becoming part of your family.

Contingent upon where you live some neighborhood Committees require the Cat Parent to get a permit if there are more than two felines on a property.

For the health of your pussy cat it is vital to have your cat inoculated against defenceless viruses. In the event you are required to place your feline friend in a cattery it is mandatory that immunization documents are up todate.

The moment your Feline Friend has entered your home you as Cat Guardian are completely responsible for your kitty cat's well being and prosperity. A decent Pet Medical Aid Pack is fundamental in arrangement of a crisis as a prequisite whether a trek to the Veterinary Facility is required or not, alongside a Flea and Tick Treatment particularly if your feline is to invest a considerable measure of energy outside.

As our Felines will be our constant companions it is up to us as Cat Parents to keep them Healthy, Happy and Comfortable as we want them by our side for many years to come. Fortunately, help is available in choosing the correct Health Items for our Kitty Cats whether it be Flea and Tick Treatments, Eye Wipes, Deworming Tablets and even Calming Aids for our Felines if in a somewhat state of distress. As Cats do have an extrasensory ability to perceive when someone in the household is not well, then on the other hand the Cat Parent also has to pay a little bit more attention to keep your Feline Healthy, Happy and Comfortable. Learn to read your Cat's Body Language. Your frequent health checks and loving attention to your precious Feline Friend shows that you care for their well being. 

It is likewise to your greatest advantage and also your cat companion to have a collar with a tag demonstrating the Council's registration number and your contact phone number on the turn around side.

By microchipping your feline companion they at that point can be placed on a National Pet Register in the event they wander off to some far away place.

First Aid Kits For Cats

Having a small well stocked Health Cupboard for our Feline Friends has become an essential part of our every day living. "First Aid Kits For Cats" are indispensable especially if you need to obtain the services of a cat sitter or you are travelling with your feline on holidays. The packaged First Aid Kits For Cats should contain all the items that you require. The kit is to be kept in a cool dry place and stored away safely with easy access in the event of an emergency. It is essential that the use by dates are checked periodically especially if items have not been used for quite some time. A handful of items in your own personal First Aid Kit maybe used on your "Feline Friend" in a state of emergency but not pharmaceutical items.

We all have flower arrangements in our house at one time or another but please do not let your Feline near lillies as all parts of these flowers are toxic to cats and cause acute kidney failure. If they are growing in the garden just fence them off. In the event your Feline has come in contact with this flower an EMERGENCY trip to the veterinary clinic is absolutely critical. 

The other plants and trees that are toxic to your Feline are Oleander, Cyclamen, Azalea, Autumn Crocus, Aloe Vera, Yew Tree and Sago Palm if ingested SEEK VETERINARY ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY.

When it comes to cleaning themselves cats are very meticulous and spend a considerable amount of time preening themselves, so it is prudent to have a "Hair Ball Remover" Cat Lax treatment on hand.

I am fortunate that my Feline Friend loves "Cat Grass" as it acts as a laxative and assists with the passage of hairballs through the digestive system in between treatments. Hairballs or Furballs as they are also known as can cause gastrointestinal blockages which left untreated can be quite dangerous to your feline. A Topical Cream or Lotion in your pet cupboard is invaluable in the aid of topical infections, wounds and cuts.



Flea Treatments For Cats

To keep your feline happy and flea less it is vital that you check your cat's coat during combing. There are several effective products available to combat this infestation whether it be drops, sprays, tablets or powder. An all natural "Flea Treatment For Cats" is the purrfect solution to rid your feline of fleas as they are especially safe if there are children in the home. Ticks are nasty parasites that attach themselves under the cat's skin therefore always remember to run your fingers through their fur from head to tail. As ticks are life threating please choose a herbal product where possible and take them to the veterinary clinic as soon as possible.  A lot of the pet suppliers combine "Flea And Tick Treatments" in one product making them cost effective especially if your feline spends a lot of time outdoors.

Flea And Tick Shampoo For Cats

In a residence where a feline and a canine dwell it would be astute to buy a "Flea and Tick Shampoo for Cats and Dogs" being the price conscious pet owner that you are, but never use a flea treatment for dogs on your Feline Friend unless the label clearly states suitable for cats also. As time passes shoppers are becoming more mindful of toxic chemicals and therefore seek to purchase "Shampoos" that are a little less noxious which contain no harmful pesticides and are pleasant smelling into the bargain but are just as effective in ridding your cat of nasty "Flea and Tick" parasites.




Flea And Tick Repellents For Cats

The "Flea And Tick Repellents For Cats" are available in powder, sprays, chewable tablets, wipes and spray on shampoos. It is with confidence that any Cat Parent would choose the most appropriate formulation for their Feline Family Member. The emphasis will always be on checking the ingredients on the label to forewarn any items that might be dangerous to your cat. This also includes herbal and natural products.


Calming Aids For Cats

As I always seem to get anxious when boarding a plane, I always never forget to apply (under the tongue) my "Bach Rescue Remedy For Pets" (for humans) of course which calms me immensely. The good news is the product is also available for pets, which is invaluable in calming pussy cats in times of anxiety. Our Felines can become highly distressed for various reasons, especially if there has been a change in their living enviroment like a new carpet, someone ill in the house or a major dramatic event such as a family member passing away. Kittens will incessantly meow due to separation anxiety from their Mother, so a small amount of spray goes a long way when "Cat Parents" are endeavouring to get a good nights sleep.


Health Items For Cats