Cat Grooming Is Purrfect

Quote by Writer Mark Twain: "When a Man loves Cats, I am his comrade without further introduction".

Despite the fact that we as Feline Guardians do our day by day prepping ourselves and to a specific degree our cat companions clean themselves, yet, there are times when it is important to help our kitty felines particularly amid the Summer months when they shed a considerable amount of fur.

A five minute brush using a Massage Grooming Glove will create an everlasting bond between you and your cat and at the same time will remove any excess fur.

A Cat Pedicure Nail Groomer goes a long way in preventing any scratches to the Cat Parent including preserving your clothes and household furniture.

Cats have exceptionally good memories and in ancient Egyptian times they were treated like Gods and Goddesses which they have not forgotten. Grooming was part of their daily routine which was expected to be performed by their Masters and Mistresses.  Ancient records show that cats were considered as demi-gods and if you killed one, the perporator would be sentenced to death.  

They were mourned as a family member the same way "Cat Parents" mourn their Feline Friend today. All breeds of cats just love to be the centre of attention and to keep them looking at their best it is essential to groom your cat on a regular basis for we as pet owners do not want to feel the uneasiness of having cat fur (especially during the summer shedding months) on our furniture when visitors arrive. There is no reason why your feline cannot be well groomed as all the necessary grooming tools are available for instance Massage Grooming Gloves, Deshedding Combs and various types of Shampoos.

A lot of Cat Parents now reside in complexes where there are shared laundry facilities and therefore washers and dryers need to be left scrupulously clean for the next person to use, so feline fur on our clothes is definitely not an option. You never know, your well groomed pussy cat may finish up being the next "Cat Celebrity".  Would that not be an honour for our "Feline Friend" and its owner?  If planning a trip to Moscow a most notable attraction is the "Moscow Cats Theatre" where cats perform alongside human mimes.


Massage Grooming Gloves For Cats

A cat "Massage Grooming Glove" is purrfect and easy to use at any time. Cleaning is a breeze as the fur is simply removed from the plastic nodules on the glove, then hand washed and hung out to dry. It creates an excellent stimulation for you and your pussy cat. The purring sound from your feline will make you utilize it as frequently as possible.

Did I forget to mention they are also very inexpensive? My feline when outdoors has now taken to rolling in the garden soil like a little puppy dog. I am sure he has perceived the fact that I then have to groom him again with the "Massage Grooming Glove" upon returning indoors. If it becomes necessary to bath your feline one of these is a must.  Regular grooming creates a loving bond between your feline and you as "Cat Parent".




Cat Deshedding Combs


Cat Deshedding Combs are wonderful to use as they reduce the amount of loose feline hair in your house and the amount of furballs your cat digests.  Furballs cause a multitude of digestive and respiratory disorders.  The comb reaches under the cat's long topcoat and removes the loose hair without hurting the sensitive skin. Most cats will purr the whole way through the combing action. My furry friend absolutely adores it.




Cat Pedicure Nail Groomer

The battery run "Pet Pedicure Nail Groomer" is the most economical implement available when it comes to the filing of pussy's claws as it painless and so easy to use. It comes with a filing head and has an on/off switch.


Cat Shampoo



If your are one of the few privileged cat owners where your feline will tolerate a bath then you are very fortunate. There are several brands of "Cat Shampoos" on the market but the principal thing to remember here is that you must never use products labelled for dogs on cats unless the label specifically states for cats and dogs as chemicals that are all right for fido are not all right for fluffy. Some of the ingredients can be very toxic for your Feline Friend. There are different kinds of "Cat Shampoos" available for all types of occurrences whether it be to remove fleas, ticks, calm itchy skin,deep cleaning of greasy fur or purely as a cleansing shampoo. It is so important that you read the label, listing all the ingredients and sidestep shampoos that contain artificial dyes, petrochemicals in the event of skin irritation.




Waterless Cat Shampoo

We all know that cats and baths are not a match made in heaven so it is worth considering a "Waterless Cat Shampoo" as the majority of cats just don't like to be bathed and will put up a feisty resistance. My feline is one of them, as the minute he steps into a puddle of water he instantly shakes all four paws vigorously to remove the water. The "Waterless Cat Shampoo" is classified as a dry shampoo as it just sprays onto the cat's fur, then combed through and towel dried. This avoids the inevitable trauma of an actual water bath.






Cat Grooming Accessories