Note - Clean Litter Tray

Quote by New York Exclusive Cat Veterinarian Louis J Camuti: "There is something about the presence of a cat...that seems to take the bite out of being alone".


Before you can bring your feline companion into your home, reasonable options need to be provided for his or her every day toilet routine and practical thought is to be given where the Litter Tray and Litter Tray Mat is to be placed. Also consideration is to be given what type of Litter Tray is to be purchased whether it be a Hidden Litter Tray, Hooded Litter Tray, Self Scooping or a Disposable Litter Tray.

Cats are very clean and private animals and are also very dignified in their toilet habits. In view of this, it is very important to purchase the correct Litter Tray that your feline will feel comfortable with as there is such large selection on offer. Also some Cat Parents prefer to have a hidden "Cat Litter Tray". It is better to buy a little larger litter tray than one that is too small, after all your feline needs to easily turn around in it and cover up any deposits. The weight of the litter tray also needs not to be too heavy for the pet owner to lift with regard to regular cleaning. I feel the Litter Tray should be cleaned daily which would no doubt be expected by your Feline Friend.


Cat Litter Trays



 As Litter Trays come in many different designs therefore practical consideration should be given as to which one is the most suitable for your Feline Friend, whether to purchase one with scatter sides, hoods, or a rim to prevent overflow which can be unclipped for easier carrying and cleaning. We as Cat Parents need also to be given some consideration with reference to "Self Scooping Litter trays" and Disposal Litter Trays.  After cleaning or replenishing of your cat's Litter Tray please ensure that there is approximately 2" to 3" of cat litter left in the litter tray especially for full grown cats.


Litter Tray Mats

Litter Tray mats are worth their weight in gold for protecting the floor for any mishaps. The mat should have a non skid backing and be big enough to trap any accidents outside of the litter tray. They should be vacuumed or washed and aired on a regular basis. Mats can be bought in various colors and designs even matching the décor where the litter tray resides.



Cat Hooded Litter Trays



The "Hooded Litter Trays" are great but unfortunately not all felines are fussed about using them so the beauty is that the hood can easily be detached until your cat feels comfortable using it.  My Feline always turns around twice inspecting the Litter Tray before carrying out his daily toilet habits so it is significant that you feline has plenty of room to move around and feel safe.  I presume your cat does this also?  It is in your best interest to purchase one with a handle which will make it easier for transporation.




Cat Disposable Litter Trays


 The purrfect litter tray for travelling is a "Disposable Litter Tray" which of course is disposable as the name suggests.  Just by lining them with a Litter Tray Pan Liner Bag, deposits can conveniently be disposed of quickly and easily along with the tray.  It is just fantastic to be able to dispose of everything and get a new throw away one, therefore making more time available in your busy daily living and working schedule to deal with life's administrations.




Cat Self Cleaning Litter Trays

The "Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box" is the ultimate in litter boxes for there is no more scooping, no more litter wastage and at the same time no more odor, thus reaping savings for the Cat Parent with regard to cat litter, litter tray scoops along with liner bags and air fresheners.


Hidden Cat Litter Trays

The "Hidden Cat Litter Tray" is perrfect for small apartments where they can easily be accepted as part of the household furniture as visitors will not realise that it is actually a Litter Tray for your feline as there is no odor present.

Cat Stain and Odor Remover

It is just a fact, of being a Cat Parent that your feline will have an unfortunate accident and cannot make it to the Litter Tray in time.  In the event this happens it is good to know a "Cat Odor Remover" and Cat Urine Stain remover" product is available to eliminate all traces of odors and stains. Another incident dare I say it, could be that you (the owner) has been neglectful for various reasons in attending to the cleanliness of the Litter Tray.  As cats are obsessed with cleanliness your feline would not take too kindly when presented with this scenario.



 Cat Litter Trays