No Ordinary Love for Cats

Feline Friends Quote by Artist Leonardo Da Vinci: (Mona Lisa) " The smallest Feline is a masterpiece".
~ Feel Happier Now. Stroke your Cat today. ~

Congratulations, you have now become a Cat Parent after taking ownership of your Feline Friend for the first time and what a huge commitment it is, as cats can live anywhere from 15 to 25 years or more. In view of that, Kitty Cat Items need to carefully prepared to cater to their needs. Further research also needs to do in regard to local Council Regulations on curfews, De-sexing and microchipping. Although kittens cannot be de-sexed until they are 8 weeks old and definitely no later than 6 months old it would be wise to contact your local Council to ascertain their requirements as the age can vary from Council to Council. It would be far-sighted to have a Kitty Cat saver account where funds can be accumulated for yearly vaccinations, check-ups, sickness and maybe sterilization along with Pet Insurance after all they have now become a family member and are solely reliant on you as Cat Guardian.  They in return will provide lifelong companionship, relieve your stress and their personality will totally capture your heart and household. 


Welcome to Feline Friends Homepage where we can assist you in choosing the most suitable Kitty Cat Item with regard to your Felines' Health and Well Being, Grooming, Comfort Furniture, Entertainment and daily Litter facilities for all 70 known breeds of cats.  By considering our Felines Necessities it helps to enhance our relationship with them.

Cat Parents are responsible for the health, happiness, and longevity of their cats; as after all, they are a very important member of the family. As our Feline Friends have been known to live 20+ years it is vital to source the correct products that are available for their distinctive needs. In return, we can expect many years of affection and companionship. Studies carried out have shown that people who did not own a pet cat were 40% more likely to die of a heart attack and 30% of other cardiovascular diseases than those who owned a cat.

The other important fact to mention is that they are great stress relievers, hence by just stroking a cat and talking to them they will in turn purr and meow (talk) to you, thus relieving your nervousness. In the "Journal of Personality and Social Psychology" studies have found that pets provide a meaningful social support for owners, thus improving their lives. The research indicated that pet owners showed better well being and greater self-esteem along with healthier relationship styles so consequently they were more socially outgoing than non-pet owners.


I am one of the fortunate feline owners as I have an indoor/outdoor cat as I trained my pussycat to walk with me on a harness alongside me, although it does intrigue me when sometimes he has managed to do a "Houdini" act and free himself from the harness. The walk around the garden enables him to sharpen his claws on the trees, smell the plants and roll around on the concrete. This way he can enjoy the outdoor fresh air and all the surroundings of nature. It never ceases to amaze me the different vocal sounds he makes when he sees a bird (clicking sound) or growling sound at another cat.  There are 100 sounds in a cat's vocal repertoire.

To err is to be human, to purr is feline.

 " A Homeless Cat's Dream"

The days come and go, And how I dream of a nice warm bed, But alas, it is another cold night instead,
Oh, how I dream of a tummy full of food,
But alas, I just wake up hungry and in a bad mood,
Oh, how I dream of a stroke and a pat,
But alas, here comes another cat,
One day I was woken from my dream,
By a kind lady, it seems,
She had been looking for a cat just like me,
Now my dream had been answered as I was taken home for evening tea,
And I no longer have to dream as things turned out you see,
The way it should be,
With all the comforts of a perfect pussycat home.


There are few things in life that outshine being welcomed home by your cat.



Keeping Your Cat Healthy


There is vast number of Health /Wellbeing items available for your cat, consequently to keep your feline healthy and well looked after, one of the most important things is to have immediate access to a well-stocked "First Aid Kit For Cats". All good "First Aid Kits For Cats" come equipped with soothing Eye Wipes, Eye Dropper, Ear Cleanser, Sterile Saline Flush, Swabs, Thermometer, Scissors, and Tweezers just to name a few. It also gives you the option to add "Antiseptic Salve", "Fur Ball Remover" and other items to your kit. It is a wise decision to always have "Rescue Remedy" on hand in the event of pussycat distress. The purrfect solution is to have one "First Aid Kit For Cats" for the home and one for the car when traveling with your feline.


Have you recently noticed your cat scratching and scratching they unfortunately may have acquired "Fleas" or worse still "Ticks". If this turns out to be the case then it is imperative that you have an effective "Flea and Tick For Cats" treatment on hand. "Flea and Tick Treatments" are available in Powders, Topical Applications, Cat Collars, Sprays and Shampoos. 



When choosing a treatment


it is critical to read through all the ingredients and check the suitability with regard to the weight and age of your cat or kitten. It is your obligation as a pet owner to fully observe label instructions with regard to the safety of your pet, your family, non-toxicity of your plants and lastly then not tainting of your furniture.

It is critical that you do not select a Flea Treatment containing the natural insecticide PYRETHRIN as this ingredient is a known toxin for cats and can be life-threatening for your Feline Friend.

To keep your Kitty Cat healthy all year round please vaccinate your feline annually for Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu which are highly contagious and deadly to all our Feline Friends. For all outdoor cats, the Feline Aids vaccination is also highly recommended as there is no cure for this potentially fatal virus once diagnosed.

There are several natural chemical free "Flea And Tick Repellents For Cats" available which are very effective and are safe for your children and pets. Unfortunately, flea eggs will survive quite some time in carpets and around floorboards so it is imperative that you check the label to establish if the repellent has a nonstaining formula with regard to furniture and the numerous different assortments of flooring.

A Tick Twister is an invaluable tool if your Kitty Cat spends a lot of time outdoors and you live in a Tick prone area.



As our Felines just love to be groomed it is important that you purchase the correct utensils and products to keep your cat looking sleek and feeling comfortable all seasons of the year.

The "Massage Mitt Glove For Cats" is great for using 2 or 3 times a week whereas the "Deshedding Comb For Cats" only once a week.


With regard to the "Cat Pedicure Nail Groomer," it can be used when it is necessary.

It is a known fact that the majority of cats do not like baths therefore the "Cat Waterless Shampoo" is a godsend as it can be used instantly in the event your feline is injured and where there is no water available. It is great for Senior cats.





Although cats are scrupulously clean and so fastidious in their cleaning routine it gives me the greatest enjoyment to spend grooming time with my pet. It never ceases to amaze me how thorough my feline is with regard to his meticulous cleaning actions from head to tail and in between every one of his paws.

 Our indoor Felines which are kept indoors continuosly can easily become bored and develop behavioural problems so it is vital to keep them entertained with suitable "Cat Toys".


The "Feline Frolics Video" can keep your pussycat amused for hours as there is such a large category to choose from. Themes on offer need not be about cats specifically as they could be about birds, butterflies, fish or even possums just to name a few. "Cat Video Games" are the ultimate in keeping most cats amused and watching them is a sheer joy. The filming of their actions would make a brilliant video clip to watch over and over again.

"Music For Cats" CDS are available in various themes to cater for our Feline Friends moods whether it be sleeping, playing or just calming relaxation music.


Bed And Furniture For Cats

The correct "Bed/Furniture" is essential to our cat's daily living quarters. Depending on whether you (the owner) lives in an apartment, house or condominium will determine which "Bed/Furniture" is the most suitable to keep your Feline Friends Happy.

The hardest decision to make when purchasing a "Cat Condo" would be in selecting the most appropriate "Cat Condo" for your Feline Friend whether you choose Condos with platforms, beds or cradles.

"Bunk Bed For Cats" are the purrfect choice for our Senior Felines and if they have a younger companion they can both be bedded down within the same "Cat Furniture". Some of the designs are elevated and others even come equipped with ladders and stairs. These "Cat Bunk Beds" are ideal for apartment living.

We all know how our felines adore their comfort, so what better furniture to have permanently affixed to your window sill than a "Cat Window Sill Perch". In event that an affixed "Cat Window Sill Perch" is not suitable a non-mountable one would be the answer. If you happen to choose a cat sill with a heating pad the cover is easily removable for cleaning. This furniture item will give your pussycat perpetual hours of viewing, sunbaking and snoozing.



The "Scratching Posts" are lifesavers with regard to preserving the life of your household furniture. It would be prudent to have an extra "Scratching Post" for each cat as felines love to roam and sharpen their claws.


The "Wall Shelves For Cats" are purrfect for felines to laze upon up high especially if unexpected visitors should arrive. As the "Cat Wall Shelves" come in all different shapes, heights and sizes it is paramount that a sturdy one is selected particularly if your pussy cat is on the heavy side.